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“Letters From Inner Space”

Welcome to my typography themed blog and website. “Typomania.us” is an expression of the Joy of Art and The Joy Drawing, specifically the art of the drawn letter. I am an artist and designer in Santa Fe New Mexico. I hesitate to call these letters “typefaces” or “fonts” because they do not seem to conform to those definitions. I am working on some more animated, longer, letterform-themed videos which I’ll post when they’re ripe and ready to go. Those are being produced in Adobe Animate. Toonies (a cartoon caprice) will show up as comic relief because I just need a good laugh from time to time. Keeping them short and sweet is the idea behind those.
Stay tuned.

These are “Toonies”, cartoons loosely based on the geometric forms and angles found in most typefaces. Well at least that’s what inspired them.


Two Sample AlphabetsFilagree and Geometrix

The Making of the letter “B”
From the Alphabet “Botanical”

This music goes great with the animation. Variations on an Arpeggio by O’Simon.

Below are previews of one image in a much larger series.
Click on each to see the complete alphabet or poster.
There’s a lot more here than just one image.



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