Here’s a little bit about myself….
How many times have you heard this one: “I started creating art as a young child”. Most of us have done the same. It’s just indigenous to childhood it seems. And this impulse, of course, goes way back to the caves, at least. It’s impossible for me to look at those paintings from places like Lascaux and Chauvet without feeling some kind of recognition.

Typographical Totem by Elizabeth Bauer, author of all art herein and this website.

And it may seem off-topic to get into a discussion about Cave Art in the “About” section, but it has been very influential in a variety of ways.

Other kinds of art have also impacted me. For example, totems from all cultures, especially those from the Northwest coast of the United States. They exert an enormous presence when you see them in person.

OK back to more personal things:

I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology a ways back. There I focused on Photography and Graphic Design. I guess that ongoing interest shows here.

The other big love is photography and there is my other website devoted to that which you can visit at santafeandme.photos.

And yes, I am an artist working out of Santa Fe New Mexico in the USA. I hope you enjoy your visit here.