Animated Letters


Variation on an Arpeggio

by OSimon

Explantion of the animation on the Home page:

This is a greatly speeded-up movie of the drawing involved in producing each letter. It’s interesting to me as the artist and I hope it will be for someone else as well.

It’s an opportunity to watch my own mind in action, just doing what it does. It’s an opportunity to watch something emerge from Inner Space. What’s going on in there? I’m clueless, but maybe the mystery is the best part of it all. And maybe that’s the best part of life as well.

A different animated “Letter From Inner Space” will be featured from time to time. There are enough of them to last well into the future!

Have fun with this site. At least I hope that you do.

So this is my “Letter From Inner Space” to you. Everyone. Meet the Letter “B” from the series “Botanical”.

Elizabeth Bauer

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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